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The company profile

GRAFFITI GL is a clothing brand that specializes in casual and street wear - ideal for young and energetic people who appreciate comfort, beauty and high quality.

Both the women's and men's wear in the collections of Graffiti GL are characterized by the impressive variety of styles, unconventional technical solutions, modern designs, high-class fabrics, high quality of clothing and, what is equally important, attractive prices.

Thanks to careful observation of the market and presence at the world's fashion shows, the brand quickly absorbs innovations and continually improves its collections by extending its product range.

Graffiti GL does not hesitate to make use of technological innovations and implements new solutions concerning fabrics, fineries and accessories.

Besides clothing Graffiti GL offers a variety of rucksacks, bags, gloves, caps, hats and many other accessories carrying the logo of the company.

Moreover, Graffiti GL pays great attention to intensive development and the promotion of the brand.